Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dental Plan...Lisa needs braces.

Today the City Manager came and spoke to us about the budget for next fiscal year...and how it's pretty bad. Like the City is roughly $20 million short in their budget.

Anyhow, they obviously have to cut funds from somewhere and the number one rule is "don't lay off people." Therefore, they cut some of our benefits--so instead of getting our normal "3.5% keep up with inflation" raise, it will be a "2.5% almost keep up with inflation" raise. Plus they're upping the premiums for health insurance. And getting rid of the Premium Dental plan (they will maintain the basic dental plan)

And what do you think caused the most gruff? The fact that they're getting rid of our Premium Dental Plan.

Apparently they're getting rid of our dental plan and Lisa needs braces.

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Dani said...

heehee vrey cute. So what's the difference between basic and premium dental plans?