Monday, August 25, 2008

Career Fair

Shawn and I will be going to Colorado to help NI recruit at the Career Fair.

Now then, most of you will be like "Silly Tina, you don't work for NI." But in this case, I do. They need 4 people minimum when they go do a career fair, and right now they only have 3 signed up. Besides, all my part would be is looking at what people say their major is in, and what they want to do, and then I tell them which of the ACTUAL NI employees they need to talk to. Also. They will pay for my plane, food, hotel, and car if I agree to help out. (P.S. Look at me all ending my sentences with prepositions. Yes, I know I'm doing it. No, I don't care.)

Of course, I'm looking at this and saying to myself "hmmm, I wonder how many times we can eat at the Med? And will I be sick of it by the time we leave?"

The answer I believe is "Everyday for their half price appetizer Happy Hour" and "no, you can never get sick of fire roasted garlic and perfectly cooked lamb."

So, if anyone wants to come to Boulder and eat at the Med with me let me know and we'll try to make a date of it. (or we can eat at any of the other fine dining choices Boulder offers...I am quite particular to the Buff, the Sink, the Walnut Cafe, Chautauqua and even possibly The Darkhorse and/or Rocky Mountain Joe's. Of course, I think Shawn will say we need to eat at Thunderbird Burgers.)

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