Sunday, August 31, 2008

Online Shopping

I really wish they didn't have online shopping. I've become a danger to myself and all people around me.

For example, today I bought Cook's Illustrated Restaurant Favorites at Home.

Some of the reviews say that the recipes are pretty advanced for those of us that tend to cook meals that come in a box. Oh well. Maybe I can have something other than French Onion Soup night. Perhaps I will have "Restaurant Night" or "4-star meal night" instead. Or maybe I can pay Kristie to come up here and cook something from the book as I'm sure she knows the difference between "chiffonade" and "julienne"

Now...I only wished they sold Garden Guide for Austin and Vicinity online. But alas they don't. Oh well, that just means I have to go to the Natural Gardener sometime and spend some extra money while I'm there...because really...I am totally incapable of walking out of a garden store without having purchased something.


Alexia said...
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dave said...

Yeah ... someone should put parental controls on Amazon. Sometimes I get carried away, too.

BTW - I told Bond to work out something with you for Lisinas. She tells me where and when. I just drive.