Tuesday, September 02, 2008



I went to the dentist today. It had been a year since my last dentist appointment. I stopped going to the last dentist because they sucked at taking appointments--I couldn't make appointments 6 months in advance. Oh sure, they claimed I could, but I really couldn't. See, I'd make an appointment, and then, by the time the appointment came around, they would be all surprised to see me because I was either put on the hygienist's schedule, but not the main schedule, or vise versa. Once they forgot to call me to tell me the dentist went on vacation and so there were no appointments. The final time I went, the dentist himself had to clean my teeth.

The only good thing that happened by me going to that dentist was that it convinced me to start flossing my teeth daily.

Anyhow, I went to the dentist today. And the hygienist went crazy cleaning my teeth. Plaque buildup on the bottom front, and the back teeth, gums all sore and bleeding because of the cleaning. It got to the point where she had to get out a special little tool that had a tiny high powered brush that could break through the plaque, and it also shot water. She asked how long the previous hygienists would clean my teeth and I said I think every time I went to that dentist I was out of there in less than 45 minutes.

So, final verdict is that I have 5 cavities that need to be filled (of course the dentist said they're actually at the point that they could wait another 6 months or so before filling them, but why wait?). 2 of the cavities are under sealants that partially came off, but didn't come off all the way so there was no way for me to clean out under them.


I knew the cavities had to start some time.


dave said...

The last time I went they jammed a pointy metal thing through a cavity and into a nerve. It hurt so bad I've never gone to the dentist since. I was 16.

Jon said...

Yeah, the last time I went, my wife went with me.

I was divorced in 1998.