Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finding something to blog about


I need to find something to blog about. Because otherwise I might start blogging about politics...and I really don't want to do that. mostly because all it will accomplish is pissing off people.

Though, since I feel like giving Kristie a heart attack (mostly because she can handle it), and make Dave say "hell yeah!":

one of Shawn's coworkers yesterday said that he doesn't like McCain, but he really likes Palin. When the other coworker said "why?!" I said "because she's hot. duh."

[Insert Kristie clutching at her chest and Dave fist pumping and saying "hellz yeah!"]

Yeah, I don't think the Mormon appreciated me implying that he'd vote for someone because she was attractive. But when he asked if I liked her, I said no because I liked wolves, and polar bears, and not drilling in ANWR, and I could go on, but you get the point.

Which brings me to why she hates Texas. That's right. She hates Texas. She must. There really is no other explanation as to why she decided to get on an airplane and fly back to Alaska to deliver her high-risk-pregnancy baby after her water broke. The only logical explanation is that she did not want her kid being "a Texan".


Jon said...

That woman is evil like Cheney. Texas is well shut of her.

The Spiteful Chef said...

I don't want any child of mine being a Texan either! I drove 120 miles out of my way to get my puppy from a different state. That said, I hate Palin a billion, and she's not even hot; she just has slutty glasses. Throw some clear plastic platforms on McCain and they'll say he's hot, too.

Ugh. She makes me want to get pregnant out of wedlock JUST so I could have an abortion and spite her. And that's not healthy.

katina said...

don't worry. One of my friends who used to live down here moved back to colorado a month before her due date. I say it's because she didn't want the kid to be born in Texas.