Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Tidbits

1. Go see the SNL skit about Palin and Clinton as played by Fey and Pohler. I found it on MSN, but I believe they got it from

2. having 5 cavities filled at one time makes you feel like you've been punched in the jaw.

3. I have never been punched in the jaw, so I don't ACTUALLY know what it feels like.

4. But I can assume, can't I?

5. Shawn is a nerd and he started a new website. He decided he was tired of You Tube and the constantly having to click on something--he wanted it more like Pandora. So he went and built a webpage. One that plays You Tube videos without having to click on stuff (other than the first video). You can find it at So, if you want something changed, just contact him via his blog and let him know.

6. I bought some Farm to Work stuff last week because I was going through vegetable withdrawl (weird, I know). This week there were tomatoes (2 types), serranos, eggplant, okra (which I sold to Beachy for $1), bell pepper (which I traded), pears, red potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and zuchinni. I have already used the 4 tomatoes, an onion, and 3 serranos by making spanish rice tonight. Tomorrow we are having breakfast potatoes for dinner.

7. New TV shows start. Yippee! We shall be having a Heros watch party. which will likely consist of Shawn, me, the cats, and possibly Jamie. So, if anyone else is interested, let me know.

8. I read 2 books this weekend.

9. I really wish it had rained some. stupid hurricane and its going too far to the east.

10. At this time, in two weeks, I'll be in Colorado. Glorious Colorado.

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Jon said...

Colorado is in countdown mode!