Sunday, September 28, 2008

I meant to post this a while ago

So, this is a little out of date and a little late. But hopefully you'll forgive me.

I've decided that McCain needs to watch his back. Not because Obama has a slight lead in the polls, but because if he (McCain) wins, he'll die from poison in his food within three months of taking office.

This, I ascertained from the way Palin talks.

For example:

She's started reffering to the republican ticket as the "Palin and McCain Administration."

Plus, didn't she call McCain her 'running mate' a few weeks ago when the VP isn't supposed to call the president 'running mate'?

and there's the whole thing of her being a 72-year-old's heartbeat away from the presidency.

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bond said...

There is no Katina at work. It is a sad, sad week.