Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, for those of you that know me, You know that I LOVE Heroes. (okay, I know, I really LOVE a lot of shows. No. Really. A Lot)

Okay, the 2nd season kinda sucked, and I wasn't thrilled with Maya and whats-his-name. But I never hated Nikki or Molly (Shawn and Jamie hated both those characters with a fiery passion usually only reserved for the government....though I guess the last two seasons made it seem like Nikki's superpower was schizophrenia and Molly could easily be replaced with an iPhone with GPS locator).

That being said...Why the hell are they bringing everyone back to life? If Linderman (though he probably really is dead...in body at least) and Nikki came back, does this mean we should expect to see DL again since he wasn't killed by Sylar? Also, I was kinda sad that they dispelled with the whole "I want your BRAIIIINNNNNNSSSSS" thing. It was fun speculating on if Sylar was just screwed up or if he was over the edge ala Hannibal Lector in Hannibal.

All this is a REALLY long way to get around to the fact that Television Without Pity now has the HRG files--a blog written by Jack Coleman (aka Noah Bennett).

It's pretty awesome.


Jon said...

Y'know, I have never actually seen a whole episode of this show. I suppose, one day, I'll rent the DVDs and check it out. Seems like it would be hard to jump into the middle of it (like LOST) which I've totally lost -get it?- track of. Is it even still on?)

katina said...

ha ha...heroes isn't too bad to get into during the first few eps of any season, mostly because it's so comic-book-ish that each season is pretty stand alone. But it would be tough if you tried to join after like the first 3 epis of any season...

Dani said...

I watched it on the internet. yeah I don't get why they brought nikki back as a different character or Linderman. Since I read the recaps for the 2nd season I had totally different idea on what Ella and Maya looked like (which threw me off the first few mintues because I was like 'why did they switch actresses duh, Dani) I'm interested on the Ando story the most but I'm happy that Sylar is back to his weird normal self... even if he isn't eatting the brains :( :)

Dani said...

Just visited Coleman's blog I LOVE it... will be a weekly look up for me I suppose. thanks for sharing it.