Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Welcome to Boulder, Colorado

We've been in Boulder since Monday at lunchtime. The weather is wonderful (bright and sunny, but not too hot), and the nights are crisp but not too cold. It definitely makes me miss this area.

Monday night I went to an NI presentation about FPGA stuff for the IEEE society. About half way through I realized that I wasn't paying any attention, but it was a good thing I went.

At the career fair on Tuesday I had to corral cats and convince people to fill out the dreaded "blue forms." The blue forms are the voluntarily provided information about race. Most companies have you fill the information out online, BUT since NI actually interviews people on campus, it bypasses the whole "fill it out online" thing. Thus the actual printed form. I only had three or so people actually ask why the forms were needed in the first place.

And who knew standing on your feet for 5 hours would make you so tired?

Today I wandered around campus taking photos. Since Michelle Obama was speaking on campus, I decided to stop by and take a few pictures. I'll put them up later (probably when I get back to Texas where I have all my accoutremants). the most annoying thing about being on campus is that everyone keeps asking me to register to vote since I look like a student.

Which brings me to my next point.

In Texas, I generally don't get carded any more. At the bar on Monday night not only did I get carded, but I also had it taken over to the black light to make sure it wasn't a fake.

I guess all my anti-aging creams are starting to work.


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Bond said...

This is making me want to visit Colorado. I have not been since I was a kid.