Saturday, October 11, 2008

On Getting Carded

Today Shawn and I went to the Lowe's to pick up some deck stain. After an insanely inordinate amount of time debating the pros and cons of getting toner over semi-transparent, and then debating on Cedar Natural or Redwood Natural, we head for the checkout lanes.

We choose a lane, the lady scans the gallon of toner and then asks "are you over 18?"

Shawn gives her a goofy look and says "yes, I'm over 18."

She didn't believe him because she turned to me and asked if he was over 18.

I nodded my head and she let us pay and then be on our merry way.

Shawn of course got in the car and then started listing all the things that prove he's at least 18:
1) He doesn't look like he's 18.
2) He was wearing his wedding ring.
3) We were buying a gallon of deck stain. it was $30. If we were looking for a high, there are much cheaper options. Even among the deck stains.
4) He was paying with a credit card.

Of course, sadly, the only one that I could see would prove he was over 18 was the price of the deck stain....but then, I remember going to Walgreen's once and there was a kid who was buying a bunch of individual rolls of toilet paper to TP a house. And he didn't go for the cheapest kind. That's just stupidity.

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Ross said...

You know, Katina, when TPing, high quality toilet paper can make the difference between those unseemly short strips of TP versus the long, arcing strips we all know and love.

Speaking of getting carded, was going into Donn's Depot last week when the doorman asked us if we were all over 18. Matt pointed to me and said, "He's not." The doorman looked annoyed and said, "You know that now that you've said that by TABC rules I have to card him." So I got carded on a technicality.

Also brought up a story about one of our friends that was working as a waitress when she asked her 40+ female customer for her ID as a way of garnering a bigger tip. Unfortunately it backfired, as the customer didn't have her ID on her, and by TABC rules you can't serve them if you've asked for ID and they can't produce it. The lady had to go back out to her car find her ID and come back in, whoops.