Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brussel Sprouts

Okay, I do not know what is wrong with me. It's like I went on my vacations and suddenly I don't have anything to blog about (when, logically, I should have TONS to blog about).

So, instead I have decided I will use other peoples' blogs as my jumping point to ramble aimlessly on about something or other.

Since Kristie does such a great job of getting me to think about things, I will use her blog. Now, for those of you that don't follow her blog (The Spiteful Chef, link at right), she mostly blogs about cooking, food, and things that annoy her. And not always in that order.

Anyhow, her blog today made me think of Thanksgiving foods (I know, it's not even Halloween yet and I'm already thinking about the next holiday, soon I'll be singing Christmas Carols in July). She mentioned Cranberry Sauce so it's totally her fault. It also made me crave a roast turkey with cranberry sauce sandwich. Instead I ate some of my Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese bowl doohicky thingy. God I love that stuff (and now Kristie has disowned me as a friend, internet or otherwise). But I digress.

What this really made me think about was Apple Pie. That's right, delicious, wonderful, served warm with a dollop of Cool Whip. And then, because it's actually close to Halloween, I decided I ought to make Apple Dumplings.

[Aside] My mom always made apple dumplings around Halloween, now then, I don't know if that's because I liked them so much and she was actually making them because of my birthday, or if she specifically aimed for Halloween. In any case, now when it starts feeling like "fall" here in Austin, I feel the need to make apple dumplings and apple pie. Last year I made dumplings for Colleen's Birthday, and apple pie for Thanksgiving, and another for 2 Christmas. [/Aside]

So, as I'm sitting there eating my Mac n Cheese and fantasizing about Apple Dumplings, I realize that I want one, but not a whole one, and wouldn't it be GREAT if I made Mini-apple dumplings? And so, now, this idea has been hatched and it will not go away. Of course, I've never made mini-apple dumplings. So it will be a grand experiment that will hopefully have a tasty end result. I already have a built in taste test facility. It's called "Work."

So, look for mini-dumplings on Friday.


dani said...

yay for mini-dumplings!!! wait... what is this thing you call 'work'. auuu you mean I don't get little dumplings??? *sniffule sniffule*

bond said...

I was looking for a reason to come to work!

The Spiteful Chef said...

I wanna make apple dumplings. I am willing to overlook your fondness for Kraft (as long as I don't actually SEE you eating it) provided you send me the recipe. I just like dumplings, I think.