Thursday, October 16, 2008

Remembering Colorado

A conversation from the first night we were in Boulder--Adam is one of Shawn's coworkers who has never lived in Colorado, Michaela is another coworker who grew up in Colorado and went to CSU (we'll forgive her though).

We walk to campus at about 630pm (so it's not dark yet) for a presentation that Adam has to make to the IEEE.

The meeting goes from 7 til 830 and then we start walking back to the hotel.

Of course I decided that I wanted to go to the grocery store, but didn't see a reason for Adam and Michaela to join us. So, as they start blindly following Shawn and me north (when they should be going east), I turn and say "oh, you guys can go that way (pointing east), you don't have to follow us."

And Shawn helpfully points out "We're going t'the Safeway."

Michaela says "oh, cool, well see you back at the hotel then." And starts walking east.

Adam watches Michaela walking across the street and then gives a funny little laugh and turns to follow Michaela.

That's when I realize he heard "We're going the safe way." not "We're going TO the Safeway"

Yeah, that was a fun one to explain.

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Jon said...

Is any way truly "safe"?