Friday, October 24, 2008

And I'm finally back

hello loyal Reader(s).

I have finally returned to regale you with stories of my adventures on the east coast (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York namely)

And really. There are none. Nope, no real's see....

1. It's cold in Vermont. Doubly so when you're wearing a formal dress and trying to appear like you're not cold because you need to be 'cool'.
2. New York is also cold. Especially with that wind and sea spray (if you can call the Hudson River "Sea") is blowing in your face. Also, beware of seagulls peeing on you. Yes, that happened.
3. One can teach a 4-month-old lab to fetch in less than half an hour.
4. Do not look for Little Italy in New York. It does not exist. It has been swallowed up by Chinatown.
5. Also, Chinatown is sketchy at night. Don't do that.
6. Wall Street is shut down. No really, We went there. The only people there are tourists. Quite a few of them were from England.
7. Irony: Going to the USS Cassin Young, a World War II boat used against Japan. And then watching the Japanese and German tourists walk around on the boat. I am SO not kidding about that.
8. Historic Boston is dead during the work day. Well, except for all the tourists.
9. There are 296 steps in the Bunker Hill Memorial (which of course the battle of Bunker Hill was fought on Breed's Hill. Maybe the colonial Americans were pulling a fast one over the Brits. You know, like how the Vikings called the land covered in ice "Greenland" and the green land "Iceland". Or maybe they just liked their beer. Actually, I bet it was the beer). Also, the battle of Bunker Hill was fought on June 17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI! Now you have 2 things to remember your birthday by--OJ Simpson and his 'slow speed chase' and the battle of Bunker Hill.
10. Shawn has decided he likes New York City better than Vegas. This likely means that we will be making more 3-day weekend trips to New York instead of Vegas.

Pictures to come later.

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Jon said...

I like everywhere better than Vegas. But, that's just me.