Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In the News today

168 kids call in sick at Taylor High School in Williamson County. 168! They apparently all have flu like symptoms. This is a very fast hitting flu--the kids would go to school in the morning and then get a fever in the middle of the day thus spreading the bug to their classmates. However, officials aren't actually sure it's the flu. I figure it might be a senior ditch day. Or maybe the school tried to do a career fair. I remember when my high school made the state papers for having some massive number of people call in sick on career day.

United HealthCorp has agreed to pay 50 million
to the people they insure who were overcharged for services. Apparently the problem stems from certain subsidiaries of United HealthCorp using Ingenix, a company that determines how much insurance companies should pay for standard treatments. The kicker? United HealthCorp owns Ingenix. And they don't see a conflict of interest. They should have known something was afoot when Ingenix said that chemotherapy was a non-normal treatment for cancer. That's right. Chemo is a non-normal treatment for cancer.

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