Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Quazi and his collars

Quazi has a habit of throwing his collars. It usually happens to coincide with him getting in a fight, or otherwise chased.

It's obnoxious because it's expensive to keep replacing the collars and tags (sadly, the tags are the most expensive part and back when he was going through a collar a week, I went and bought them in bulk, much cheaper).

But it gives me joy because I think he must lose the collars in about the same place each time (it's not like he goes to THAT many different places). And so, in one of our neighbor's yards there is a stash of Quazi collars. All 25 of 'em.


Jon said...

You know that the collars in the Cat Pawn Shop, don't you. Quazi has a habit, and he does what he can to pay for it...

Dani said...

Katina, I'm afraid that my grand nephew kitten might be a streeker in his spare time. yet them run nude.