Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Step 2

I have decided that I shall attempt to become an FIer. Financially intelligent, Financially intregrous (is that even a word? oh well, it is now!) and Financially independent. This is as per the book Your Money or Your Life. There are nine steps in the book. Nine simple steps that I have broken down into 23 steps. Yes. I have made extra steps. Actually I didn't, I just decided instead of having Step 1A and 1B, I'd just call them Step 1 and Step 2, respectively.

So. I will bypass Step 1 until I get my social security earnings statement from the feds in April or so. On to Step 2 then.

Step 2: Determine how much you have today. Include Savings/Checking/Stocks/Mutual Funds/Retirement accounts, etc. Include House/Car/other items that can be sold for money. Include all little items in your house that can be sold for money--If you needed to make money fast, what would you sell, and for how much?

The side effect of step 2? it gets you to throw away all the crap you have sitting around your house that isn't worth anything to you (you're not going to use it), and if you don't want to sell it, donate it. Spring Cleaning. Here I come.

I will start with my closet--I already looked at the clothes and decided I'll keep the stuff hanging--I've worn everything in there at least once over the last year except for the suit. But I only have one of those. Ah, but look at that top shelf. The top shelf that has every backpack I've used since high school. Yeah...I don't know why I kept every backpack either. And what's with this computer just sitting on the floor in the study? Or the one that's gathering dust in the kitchen that doesn't work anymore? Or the other one that's sitting in the other corner of this room. Just think about how much space we would save if we could put this computer on the other desk and then got rid of this desk!

So I guess I will be working on getting our house de-cluttered. I'll probably leave it up to Shawn on whether he wants to post anything on Craigslist or if it would be better to just donate everything (or Freecycle it).


Dani said...

Good for you...You know I also have every backpack ever owned in my closets as well... weird that both of us have type of thing from our 'childhood.'
PS- I started using your tote bag you gave for X-mas as my food bag-- helps me cut down on what I buy at Safeway. turns out what I can squeeze in that thing is over a week worth of food. A good limiter for this expence.

Dani said...

You might also want to look at Rimi's site
He had a 'challange' in Nov. about how to save $1,000 a month with a tip a day... I'm sure you are doing most of them but you might come across one that will spark something for you.