Wednesday, January 07, 2009


* Blatantly stolen from Amalah's blog title.

Also stolen from someone else's blog? This video. Which I equally love, find hysterical, and depressing because this was made in March 2006 and yet it still applies.

My resolution for the year?

[aside] I actually had 3 other resolutions, but they've already gone to pot, so there you go... [/aside]

Buying stuff I need, not the stuff I want. yep. true story. That's not to say that I have to buy the cheapest thing I can find, just that I can't go and buy things that I don't actually need.

Besides, I figure Shawn will like this because it means I'll be buying less clothes and shoes.

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Dani said...

love the 'stolen' video. So what is your definition on need? and what were the other three resolutions?