Monday, April 20, 2009

Let them Eat Cake and the Time Space Continuum

I am having issues.

First, I sent out an email to all my coworkers 3 times because I had put a deadline of that day in the first email, sent out the second to clarify that I really meant April 20 and not the 13, but put May 20 instead of April 20, and had to send a final email out saying that I was having issues with the time space continuum.

And I am STILL having issues with the time space continuum.

Yesterday I got it in my head that our work potluck was this Tuesday, so I needed to make homemade cake. I then proceeded to totally screw up the cake (it is now called Abomination Cake as it is really more like cake flavored bread). I then decided that instead of taking Abomination Cake to work for the potluck I needed to go out and get the stuff to make an edible cake. But by golly, I was still going to make homemade frosting. And of course since I don't have baking rounds, I had to buy the tin foil throw-away variety.

I got home and informed Shawn that he was in charge of dinner since I was going to be busy making cake and homemade frosting. As I'm frosting the SECOND CAKE, I think to myself "Wow, the 28th sure did come quickly. Wait...It's only the 20th. FRACK! Damn Time Space Continuum!"

So there will be cake tomorrow...and I'm just buying cake for next week...assuming that I remember it.


bond said...

Abomination cake is awesome! You should make it again!

Mephisto said...

The cake WAS awesome, thank you aunt Katina