Saturday, April 04, 2009

What I Learned Today

For those of you that know me, you know that I hate fish (almost as much as Kristie). It's not the taste as much as the smell. I get a whiff of that dead fish smell and it's all over. I start to dry heave and I cannot be anywhere close to the stuff (okay, so I usually don't start getting the heaves, but I think I made my point). Shawn likes to claim that this is the case because the only fish I had growing up is the REALLY fishy stuff--Trout, fish sticks, and canned tuna.

Understandably, when anyone asks if I want sea food, I say "hells no!" and then the next question is usually "what about shrimp?" And the answer is still "hells no!" But that's mostly because of texture rubberization issues. I can occasionally eat crab in very small amounts, and I'll eat calamari if it is non-rubbery and does not smell like fish. (Oddly, I have no problem with Caesar Salad or Worcestershire Sauce, which have anchovies)

I have even tried sushi. The problem with the sushi is that the only people I've ever had sushi with order the rolls. Which are covered in seaweed. Which smells like fish. So, even if the roll has no fish in it at all, I still can't bring myself to eat it. I know, I know, I ought to try Nigiri, and I'm sure my sister ordered it when I was with her, but it came with other things on the plate, so there was the fish smell about and it did not go over well.

But today I had fish. And I liked it. That's right. I LIKED it. Enough to order more and take it home for Shawn to try because there was no way he was going to believe that I ate fish. He would believe that I spent my day getting high and being involved in an orgy more readily than I ate fish and liked it.

The fish I had you ask? why Ceviche of course. Uncooked fish that is marinated in lemon/lime juice and served with copious amounts of onion and jalapeno. It's like salsa but with fish instead of tomatoes. Weird.


Jon said...

It's easy to make< too. I make the shrimp version, every now an then, at home.

The Spiteful Chef said...

You'd love tuna nigiri. I promise you that. I hate ALL fish, but love tuna nigiri. So give it a shot. And I'll try ceviche, just to reciprocate.

bond said...

Now keep in mind that I LOVE fish so I am not the best judge, but the tuna sushi tastes the fishiest to me. I mean I like it, but only cold. Once it gets room temp it is a bit strong. I think the white fish sushi is milder.

Ross said...

Ceviche is pretty darn tasty, did you have it at Polvo's? Oh, and you might try Ahi Tuna tartar sometime, basically sushi but not called such.