Friday, April 24, 2009


So, tomorrow morning (in less than 8 hours), I will be partaking in another 5k.

Perhaps this time we'll actually finish the course.

Update 1: It's now 623am and I'm already ready already. It was a fitful night of sleep involving waking up every time some animal walked over the pile of vinyl siding on the ground outside our window, plus waking up every time I was too hot, too cold or too muggy/sweaty. Plus there were all the dreams about sleeping through the alarm and not making it to Colleen's house before 7am and what have you. Yes...this is going to go so well today.

Update 2: I finished the race in 40 minutes 14 seconds. That's like an average of 12 minutes 30 seconds per mile.


Ross said...

Well done!

bond said...

Hooray, Katina!!!