Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Shawn has gone and joined Twitter. And he actually has Tweeted (Twooted? Twited?). I refuse to join Twitter until I have a smart phone. Mostly because I do not need something else on the computer to keep me busy. But by golly, I know how much you guys all want to know about me being stuck in traffic downtown.

Also, I am currently having a run in with Heineken. Shawn is making me do it. He wants to build a little penny stove, and he needs me to drink two beers. I drank one the other night, and I gotta say, I don't really care for the Heineken. Too bitter or something. Possibly it's the hops. Shawn's already got a science experiment all lined up for the stove, too. He's going to test it with Denatured Alcohol, Rubbing Alcohol, and possibly Everclear (or equivalent); and he's going to make two different kinds of wind guard to see which works best.

And this segues us into talking about the Yellowstone Trip. That's right. We're going to Yellowstone for a vacation. Thus the building of a new little stove for cooking. Shawn has also bought some silnylon to make stuff sacks. He also wants me to okay the use of $30 to get a different compression sack for his sleeping bag. He claims he needs this new bag because it's 0.5 ounces lighter than his current compression sack. I told him that if I ever spent $60 on an ounce of anything he'd have a holy hissy fit. And the funny part is that this didn't convince him that he didn't need the new compression sack.

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Jon said...

That's only about $2.50 per gram...