Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lack of Blogging Mojo

Now then, I know what you're thinking--You're thinking that i've lost my blogging mojo. That's not the case, it's just more like I've been busy with all the aforementioned vacation planning.

For example; I just spent the last 3 hours researching what to do for the East Coast Vacation. Which is only silly because I KNOW what i'm going to do, it's just a matter of whether we can do all of it or not. So really it's been more like researching how long different things are estimated to take so I can figure out when we'll be in which cities.

And the sad part is that I've pretty much learned that we likely won't be able to go to a museum while we're in DC because of the desire to go to Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery and the Zoo, plus seeing the National Mall Monuments.

It is also unlikely that we'll take a jaunt through Delaware because it would add an hour and a half to that leg of the journey...

But I'm sure Shawn will like this: We'll probably be making a stop in Hershey, PA. If only because I don't think I can spend a ton of time out at Gettysburg...probably because we'll have likely already seen Arlington, and while one is a battlefield, and the other is a cemetery, I figure Gettysburg is probably very similar to Vicksburg in which it's a battlefield that IS a cemetery. meh, maybe, since I've been to Arlington, we should skip that and do something else instead...

Of course, this does bring to mind a funny story about me during my family's East Coast Vacation: We had gone to some cemetery as there were famous people buried there (I want to say Nathaniel Hawthorne and Louisa May Alcott maybe). Anyhow, I was in my hockey fan phase and had brought along a sweatshirt that said "Get a life: A hockey life" on it. Of course the "A hockey life" was at the bottom of the shirt while the "Get a life" part was at the top. So, yes, there are pictures of me at a cemetery wearing a shirt that all you can read on it is "Get a life." Yep, that's me. Ms. Sensitivity.

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