Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had a post all planned out this afternoon. But, since I can't blog at work, I totally forgot what it was that I was going to blog about.

Something, I'm sure about the Typhus Fever that was discovered in downtown Austin this weekend. As they were saying on the radio, "Isn't that the Zombie Disease?" It does have zombie-like symptoms--gangrenous sores and the smell of rotting flesh.

OH! from having to look up the link to the local paper for the Typhus, I remembered what it was that I was going to bitch about: Dog rescue groups. Again.

Okay, this one isn't so much about a breed specific rescue as much as it's about a soldier who was off in Afghanistan when his wife and he decided to get a divorce. The wife moved out of state and in the ensuing divorce settlement, custody of the dog was awarded to the husband. The wife, though, decides she doesn't like this, so she gives the dog to a dog rescue group. When the dog rescue group is contacted and told that the dog was given to them by a person who no longer owned the dog and therefore the dog should have never been given to them in the first place, they have the audacity to tell the rightful owner he can't have the dog because he doesn't meet the requirements that they have for placing a dog with him. BUT IT'S HIS DOG! This isn't like he's coming in to get a new dog, it isn't like the dog is going to be living in squalor, and it isn't like the dog won't be taken care of (in fact it sounds as if the guy meets all the requirements the SPCA would set forth for any dog adopted from any humane society). Hell, they shouldn't have ever seen the dog in the first place if they ex-wife had done the grown up thing instead of acting like a 2-year old. It's just straight up a rescue group who is throwing their weight around because they can. They obviously have their heads up their asses. Of course, since they said they wouldn't give him his dog back, he sued them, and now they won't let him even see the dog unless he agrees to drop the charges. I have an idea--how about they give him the dog back? That would probably get him to drop the charges as well. Another case of people having their heads so far up their asses they can't make a logical decision.


The Spiteful Chef said...

Wow, Katina. Strong feelings about rescues? I worked with them a lot at the humane society, and found equal parts total crazies (there are in any animal-related field, due to the vast opportunities to not have to be good with people), and really good people who want to help animals. It's difficult to see the horrible conditions many pets tolerate, from poor nutrition to just being slapped in the backyard and ignored (about the worst thing you can do to a dog). Anyway, they should give the soldier back his dog, unless he really can't handle it.

katina said...

yeah, I know--it's always a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

After the newspaper ran the story yesterday, the rescue group ended up giving the dog back to the soldier on the condition that he drop the lawsuit.

And yes, I think the worst thing people can do for a pet is just keep it in the back yard without any interaction at all.

I think it probably wouldn't have pissed me off so much if the article hadn't implied that it really was the soldier's dog--like it sounded as if the wife did the minimum needed to take care of it, but it was never 'her dog'

Jon said...

Sounds like the people at the Rescue might be zombies, themselves. They certainly need some "Brraaaiiins"!