Monday, June 01, 2009

Shoe Shopping

1. I am a girl.
2. I like to admire shoes.
3. I will not buy shoes unless I have to, or they're a really good deal.
4. Furthermore, I will buy shoes over the internet, but only if I check the sizes in person first (ala JCrew, Banana Republic, Etc).
5. My family has learned, and Shawn is starting to, that you do not bother me when I am shoe shopping. It is best to drop me off somewhere and say "see you in an hour" than subject yourself to the hell that is me looking for shoes. Nothing ever fits, I don't like the colors, and then I start to get snappy.
6. Once I discovered that I didn't have to wear girl shoes, I bought my shoes from the skate store by going in, looking at their clearance section and finding the first 6.5 size shoe available--as long as it didn't totally appall me, I bought them. This is how I have ended up with shoes with a skeleton foot on the bottom of them.
7. I bought my running shoes last time by going to the store and letting the sales lady tell me what I needed/wanted. "Here, these 3 pairs will work great for you. Now go run around the store in each pair, get the one that is most comfortable"
8. I am now on the search for both normal everyday shoes and running shoes.
9. Dammit. This is going to really suck.
10. Well, at least I bought some shoes for Yellowstone. Now I hope they just make it through the trip. And at $20 special from Academy, they just really need to make it through the trip for me to be happy.


The Spiteful Chef said...

I DETEST shoe shopping. Mostly because all cute shoes are un-walkable, and all fashionable shoes are ugly and pointy and frightening. My kingdom for a Nike.

6.5 is not a real shoe size, you know. It's for midgets and children

katina said...

Yes, but I am a squidjit.

I almost bought some Adidas Kanadia shoes yesterday, but didn't because I couldn't justify spending $60 on a pair of shoes I'd only wear hiking. Though today I'm thinking it might be worth it...i don't know.

Stupid shoe shopping.

The Spiteful Chef said...

Hiking is hard on your feet. If not treat yourself to adequate shoes at that point, when?

Yes, you are tiny. And bold.

Dani said...

no no no Katina your family has learned to NEVER EVER go shopping with you for anything in the clothing relm. We love you, but frankly my dear, we love our thoats more :)

Dani said...

what is a squidjit anyways?

katina said...

squidjit = squished midget

bond said...

My mother once clothes shopped with me in high school. Prior to that point, I had a constant stream of nice hand me downs from some co-worker of hers kid. After that one experience she swore she would never shop with me again EVER. I think I am ok when I know what I am going to get (like our wonderful cords). It is when I just need new clothes because my old ones have holes or stains that it is bad.

Anonymous said...
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