Friday, June 19, 2009

Lo Siento

I'm sorry about the lack of blogging about Yellowstone. Especially after I said I would blog. To be honest, I'm working on the second blog right now (uploading photos as I speak). But I feel I must get something off my chest.

I think I've become a little obsessed.

With vampires. And werewolves.

Yes, that's right. I'm reading the Twilight series. I read the first two books while on vacation in Yellowstone (oddly, only at the airports and on airplanes), and I read the third book over the last couple of days. I'm now waiting my turn for the fourth book (it's at the library, and I'm pretty sure it's just waiting for me to pick it up).

But of course, the thing that always happens with me and the books that I know are made into movies--I start critiquing the choice of actors, even though I haven't seen the movie.

Edward and Bella and Jacob, whatever, those actors can stay, they're unimportant. But Jasper and Alice. Oh god no. I would have chosen the guy that plays Jax on Sons of Anarchy and Kristin Bell from Veronica Mars/Heroes (but her hair would be brown, and it would be done the same way the actress has it in the movie). I don't know who else I would choose for the other characters though. Obviously they dont' matter either.

Alright, I'll get my 13-year-old fangirl obsession under control now. And finish blogging about our 1st full day in Yellowstone.

Update: Okay, so I watched the movie and it really wasn't very good. At all. I know Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) is a good actor (just watch his portrayal of a MPD psycho killer in Criminal Minds), but for most of the movie he just looked constipated. And I haven't seen anything else that Robert Pattinson is in (except for Harry Potter, of course), but he almost played Edward like he was mildly retarded instead of smooth and debonair. But I ended up liking the actors, except, oddly, the girl that played Rosalie. I don't know, she just grates. Kristin Stewart was awesome though--totally the best out of everyone. Today though, I decided that I think Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuster from Glee) would make a great Carlisle.

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