Friday, June 05, 2009

Boat Trip: Success!!

Three Hour Tour

"I just wanted to see how thing went today..."

Hallelujah! The much planned and anticipated boat thing was a success! When I booked the boat, I thought it was going to be pretty much a party barge, but no, it was an actual boat. with Air Conditioning, and 2 bathrooms, with a kitchen area. It was, as Shawn put it "High-falutin'" I over estimated on how much people would eat (which is better than under estimating), and everything went smoothly...once I got there. I had told everyone to be there at 445 because I didn't want people to be late, and then I ended up walking up at 515. And since I didn't make a sign in sheet, I didn't know who was there and who wasn't. And subsequently we almost left someone at the dock. But the important thing is that everyone who was on the boat at the beginning was on the boat at the end. No Open Water situations for us.

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bond said...

It was awesome! Katina is awesome! And you even posted pictures before you left. I really like the one of you and shawn together!