Monday, May 25, 2009

A lazy day at home

So I started and finished a book this weekend. And am already half way through the second in the series. And it all started with a massive rain storm on Saturday.

No. Really. MASSIVE.

It caused the power to go out twice. And according to my rain gauge, we got about 3.25" of rain.

So I read a book for some ungodly amount of time (like 4 hours). And then I went back to researching stuff for the East Coast Vacation.

Then on Sunday we went to Jamie's Birthday Celebration at the Salt Lick. And followed that up with a showing of Star Trek: XI. Both the movie and the BBQ were great!

And then today. Today, I didn't get dressed. Because that's what you do on a holiday, don't you know? I did get some stuff done--like I booked all the hotels for the East Coast Vacation. The deal I'm most proud of is booking two nights at the Westin in DC for $104 per night because hotels in DC are EXPENSIVE. And how sad is it when the B&B you're staying at ends up being the cheapest place for the entire week ($73)?

I remember reading once that the average family took a two-week vacation every year. And the amount of money they spent on that two-week vacation was usually the equivalent of how much they made in two weeks. Ouch.

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