Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lack of Updates

Sorry for my horrible lack of's just that I have an insanely long list of "things to do" none of which I'm currently doing...nor do I think I'm going to do any tonight. that's what the weekend is for. Though I have to be honest, 2 of the items on my to do list have to be done before Saturday at 4 pm. Hmmmm....

And I really need to get a move on for planning of the Vacations. I've decided to put Shawn in charge of the Yellowstone vacation though. Also, he has it easy--Things to do in Yellowstone: See Yellowstone. I guess I should feel bad or something since he has to figure out all the stuff we need to take for the backpacking portion. But I don't. Mostly because I think he likes it. A Lot. I mean he's been surfing for the last month, and he's gone and created the aforementioned penny stove out of 2 beer cans and a soda can. So I guess it's really more like just getting the rest of the stuff we need to take--food, new shoes for me, more clothes that are lightweight and warm, yet keep one cool.

Now the trip back east however, I think that's going to suck. There's just so much to do in Baltimore, DC and Pennsylvania, and we really only have Monday through Friday since we're chillin' with my 'rents for the first weekend and then chillin' with Shawn's East Coast Family for the second.

I do have to ask the neighbor if she'll watch our cats...and then I need to figure out what to do to keep the garden alive for the times that we're gone because as we all know, you can't just leave a garden unwatered for a week in the middle of the Texas summer. Hell, in some cases you can't leave a garden unwatered for a day in the middle of the Texas summer.

Also, you'd think that we'd be done with vacations for the year, but we're not. Shawn was notified a couple of weeks ago that he can only carry over 40 hours of vacation time into next year. And Shawn likes having a ton of extra vacation time on the books. So he's got 160 or so hours on the books right now, and gets like another 80 hours of vacation time for the remainder of the year. So that means he has to take about 3 more weeks of vacation time.

It's like we're single handedly trying to keep the economy going or something with all the money we're spending on vacations.

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The Spiteful Chef said...

Oooooh! While you're in Baltimore, be sure to go see Charm City Cakes!! Chris likes to bank vacation time, too. I always used to spend mine in the first 3 months of employment, and then have to quit.