Friday, April 16, 2010

Celebrate Good Times!

Yeah, so THAT happened.

THAT wasn't so fun. I took a test from effectively 715 am until 6 pm. What did you do with your Friday?

I swear it was a dream though. Not as in the test was a dream because it was easy but because after lunch, I'm sitting there solving some problem when I feel like something is making my scalp itch. So I reach up and feel something on my head, figuring it's a twig or something from outside, I grab it. And then it moves. So I FLING the poor bug to the ground and quietly freak out. Can't be too loud about it because it is a test after all. I know it's harmless once I look at it as it's one of these:
This is a Ladybug nymph. AKA a baby ladybug. First time I've ever seen one in person. And it's in my hair. During the most important test of my life. Awesome. About 5 minutes later, I look at the floor where I had "placed" the insect and it is no longer there. About 10 minutes after that, I feel an itch on my leg, so I pull up my pants leg, absentmindedly, and go to scratch, only to find I've got a bug on my leg. And I again quietly lose my shit. Of course I look under the table and it is the SAME FREAKING NYMPH, people! I planned on looking for it after the test in order to take it back outside, but I forgot.

Now, I fully expect to wake up from this crazy-ass dream any second and go take the P.E. Exam.

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bond said...

That is kind of cool! In a weird way. That would be distracting. At least you knew what it was! If you hadn't then there would have been a whole new set of worries (is it venomous?, etc).

Yesterday Eduardo came by my desk and was all like "oh my gosh, someone is taking the test right now!". We all thought about you yesterday. I'm proud of you for making it through!!