Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bat-Shit Crazy and Lima Beans

So, I have some exciting news to share with the world...or for the possible 3 of you who read this blog.

First: There was a bat flying around the office this morning. God only knows how that thing got into the office. We're on the 12th floor so that pretty much rules out that it came in on the ground floor, we have doors that go to some balconies, but we're not allowed to open them, so it didn't get in that way. The only logical explanation is A) someone brought it into the building and up to the 12th floor because they knew it would create great amusment for me for about an hour this morning, or B) there's a hole in the fresh air vent to the outside so it came in that way. I like to think that it's the former, rather than the latter, but what do I know?

So anyhow, it starts out with people around my cubicle screaming, and laughing, and laughing screaming. You know, the things that girls do when they see a mouse, or a cricket or something that they're scared of, but know that their fear is stupid so they try to laugh it off. Anyhow, this happens and then there is a mass stampede into Lynne's little office and a door slamming. And, out of the corner of my eye, I see something float by at about head height by my cubicle entrance. I think it's a bird, so I get up to follow it figuring that I'll catch it and take it outside. That's when I find out it's one of the Mexican Free-tailed bats come back from it's winter stay in Mexico. Anyhow, I go along the coridor and notice a bunch of offices with doors closed. It's because "they don't want to get rabies." Whatever, where's your sense of adventure, people!? So anyhow, the poor little thing eventually falls on to Johnny's desk probably from shear exhaustion, but I would like to think it's from laughing at all the people trying to get away from it (because come on, the thing is like the size of a hamster with wings). Anyhow, John or Johnny puts a box over it and some how gets the flaps closed. So, I helped tape up the box so that the little bat wouldn't get away, again.

Good news, the little guy was still alive by the time that John and Mike let it go outside. It faired better than the other bat on the floor last week (first time I heard about it was today)--that poor little guy spent the night roosting right in front of an air-conditioning vent and died.

AND on to the other half of my title (Lima Beans):

Lon and Daniella finally did it. They're finally going to have a baby! WOOHOO! Daniella brought the sonagram picture to girl's night last night. She found out she was pregnant while back in Venezuela for her sister's wedding, so her family got to be with her when she found out. So, CONGRATULATIONS Daniella!

And that's all from me, I shall go eat my hotdog that my hubby has loving prepared for me...great Valentine's day dinner, eh?

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Dani said...

Bats are funny. Hot dogs are funny. Babies are... ok they're not funny, but how on earth do you sit there and say that you're not a funny individual? crazy sister.