Thursday, February 23, 2006

Psycho Kitty on my iPod


So, I.V. She licked off all the fur on her stomach back in like November or so. She continues to lick off all the furn on her stomach. We have now gone through testing for Food Allergies, generic hay fever, flea allergies (which she is apparently at least partially allergic to because her stomach looks much better for about the 2 weeks after the flea meds, and then is bald for the next two weeks), and finally, her vet has decided that she is probably, more than anything, just crazy. So, she's now on BuSpar. Which is pretty much Kitty Valium/Prozac. That's right, our cat is STRESSED. Stressed to the point where she licks her fur off. I liken it to people twirling their hair when they're nervous, or biting their nails. But the best part? We have to give her 2 pills a day. That's right, we get to stress out our cat 2 times a day for about 10 minutes each time because we're trying to get her over her stress. Kinda anti-intuitive.

Also, I finally did it, I finally bought myself an iPod nano. I now have 490 of my songs on the thing. In eight hours at work, I got through about 200. I also almost completely drained the battery as well (I had to go through and rate the songs as I was listening to them so that I can get rid of the ones that I really don't like and/or only listen to the ones that I REALLY like). Anyhow, I like it. Today was the first day in a long time that I didn't just look at the clock and go "Crap, it's only 1, what am I going to do for the next 4 hours?" So, if listening to music keeps me entertained, I'm all for it.

I got another "take 2 hours off of work" card. Which is good, I'm thinking that I'll use one in March and one in April, seeing as how there are no holidays in those months. And, that's about it for me.

More to come later when there's something more to talk about.

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Dani said...

haha you have a bald kitty! haha