Monday, February 20, 2006

photos and dementia

I'm excited, are you? Our wedding album arrived late last week. WOO! I can now re-live our wedding. Actually, I'm right now listening to our first song. Which, incidentally enough, is actually coincidental. I actually just started Winamp and it happens to be the first song. But there you go.

Back to my album. The album looks much better than we thought it was going to. Mostly because the pictures of the pages that the photographer put on his website don't do the album justice. Now, just a few issues that I find interesting with the album (or rather, more with the pictures, not so much the album as an album can only be as good as the pictures):

1. The photographer never took a picture of Shawn and my immediate family together. But there are pictures of me with his family. It actually doesn't bother me too much. It was just a hassle for my mom because she then had to send out a photo of our immediate family (mom, dad, Dani, and me) AND a photo of the semi-new family (mom, dad, Shawn and me) in their annual Christmas letter.

2. For whatever reason, the photographer felt the need to add Shawn's dad to all the photos of the guys. So it kinda looks like Bob was part of the wedding party when he really wasn't. I only think this is odd because there are no photos of the girls with either my mom or Shawn's mom. Also, I don't think it would have seemed as weird if my dad had been in the photos as well, but he wasn't.

3. Matt and Dani were on my side and Jesse and Christina were on Shawn's side. We don't have any photos of just me, Dani and Matt, or just Shawn, Jesse and Christina.

But other than those slight oddities, everything is GREAT! WOOOO!

Other news:

Shawn's mom told me the other day (Friday) that his grandfather was taken to the hospital the week before. Apparently he was found on the floor at his Semi-Assisted Living apartment. He was put in a wheelchair and wheeled around for a while, but apparently wasn't acting "normal" so they took him to the hospital, where he had been for the week. According to whatever brain scans they did, his brain is shrunken in the front and back and there is no overt cause (like blood clots).

Shawn's aunt, believes that his brain has shrunken because of the hard liquor he drank for half of his life. Now then, I did some research about this because while I realize that alcoholism or alcohol dependence does effect physical characteristics, I was not aware of any brain shrinkage.

I did not find any information intimating that alcoholism does in fact cause brain shrinkage later in life (apparently there is minor brain shrinkage in teenagers because of binge drinking, but it is more immediate).

I did, however, find out that dementia (alzheimer's) does cause brain shrinkage (so does aging naturally). So, I'm going out on a limb and saying that Shawn's grandpa has some form of dementia. Corroborating evidence: He only puts his dishes in the dishwasher on the "rinse" cycle because he "can't see bacteria, therefore they do not exist", enjoys driving the wrong way on one way streets at 3 in the morning perfectly sober because he just realized that he's 6 months late on getting his emissions checked, and the week before they took him to the hospital, he was found walking around the apartment complex butt-ass naked... Not to mention the fact that he started forgetting names 2 summers ago.

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Dani said...

Hope shawn's grandpa gets better!