Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympians and other things

So, we watched some of the Olympics last night. We watched the "boring" sports (NOTE: WE find it boring, I'm sure other people find it riveting. I am sorry if that is offensive to you, in which case, go fly a kite). The "boring" sports include such events as nordic combined 20k and speed skating 1500. Both events can probably be likened to NASCAR. You start to watch it because you're hoping someone will crash and burn only to be sorely dissappointed that you only really accomplished killing 2 hours of time. It was also anti-climatic as I had gone online earlier in the day to try to figure out the NBC schedule of events and therefore learned which events had already been finished, and who won (Georg Hettick in Nordic, Chad Hedrick in Speed Skating). We watched a little of the pairs ice skating, which was entertaining, at least to the point that we were like "man, if these people competed in Skating with the Celebrities, Jenner would get his ass kicked." The choreography seemed different from seasons past...more synchronized spinning, less jumping. It probably has something to do with the new scoring system they have in place to prevent a repeat of 4 years ago when the Canadians skated a 'perfect' program but were scored lower than the Russians by the French judge.

I think the highlight of the night was watching ET after everything on NBC had aired. The lady was talking with Tonya Harding. Let's just say that she has really let herself go. It was difficult to believe it was even the same woman. I think Tonya Harding died from a freak accident after Fox's smash hit of the Celebrity Boxing where Harding beat the crap out of that one chick with the wierd nose that Clinton had relations with...Paula something or other. I think ET got this great idea to interview Tonya because of the Olympics, found out she died, but that's not good TV, so they hired this other lady that looks like she could POSSIBLY be Tonya to pretend that she was indeed Tonya. Anyhow, they did a bad job on prepping the imposter because she seemed to have no recolection of hiring a thug to whack another skater's knees.

Also, in other news, our wedding photographer emailed me on Saturday morning to let us know that our album was finally done. We shall be receiving it sometime around Thursday or Friday. Happy Day.

Also, since Sarah reads this occasionally, HAPPY BELATED (by a day) BIRTHDAY SARAH! But to be fair, I did text you on Saturday.

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