Saturday, February 25, 2006

Things in a uterus that look cute in a one-sie and those that don't.

So, my mother-in-law called yesterday. She was calling to tell us some important things:

1. She had surgery this week to see if there was anything wrong with her uterus. The history of them doing this is because she had breast cancer a few years ago and is on tamoxifen (a drug that is known to increase your chances of getting uterine cancer), so they were concerned when they did an ultrasound and her uterus appeared to be thicker than it should have been--a normal uterus is at a level 4 or 5, a cancerous one is at like 11 or 12. Hers was at like an 8. Anyhow, they did the surgery and found a large polyp. So, hopefully it's non-cancerous and everything is good.

2. Shawn's grandpa has been put in the alzheimer's unit at the old folk's home. Apparently his Aunt thinks this is ludicrous as he "doesn't have alzheimer's." Dude, as I said, the man has gone certifiably crazy within the last couple of years...but he is lucid enough to realize when he hasn't been getting his normal amount of junk mail, aka the clearing house sweepstakes mailings. But then, he does honestly believe that he has won and the check is in the, take from that what you will. Also, a funny side story: When my sister and I were little, she used to call it "old timer's disease", but then, I used to call cigarettes "secrets" when I was little because I couldn't hear the difference between the two words...and really, old timers and alzheimers are much closer than cigarettes and secrets.

and finally,
3. Shawn's sister may be pregnant. So congratulations are in order I suppose, although at this point they're apparently not sure if she really is pregnant or not. So, it appears that I now have to start stocking up on onsies as apparently it is now baby season.

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