Thursday, February 12, 2009

5:45 am

So...what do you do when your cat is scratching at your head wanting pets when he suddenly starts doing the "ack...ack" noise?


You sit bolt upright in bed and let the cat puke on your husband.

Not that that actually happened.

Shawn is much more lucid at 545am than I, and pushed the cat off the bed.

He ended up not puking until after we both went to work. The cat. Not the husband.


bj said...

Hello. I'm sorry your cat isn't feeling well.

He/she would feel much better if you changed the name of halfbrokehotel in your blog roll from "a blog by intern matty" to "a place where genius toils" or something along those lines.

Jon said...

So...when did Shawn puke?

katina said...


well, yes. NOW. because there's a whole slew of you guys blogging on the same blog.

Dani said...

poor little grand-nephew kitty... it would be a fun story if he really did vomited on Shawn... but I'm sure that both you and Shawn are happy that didn't occur. hopefully he got sick some where more convenet than the bedding :)