Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Truck

So then...why does Shawn's truck always seem to insist on breaking down at his work instead of at home? He tells me that it doesn't ALWAYS break down at work, sometimes it breaks down at home. But I don't think so. I think that since he's moved down here the truck has always broken down at work. Sure it will sometimes break on the way home (though never enough to the point where he needs to pull over to the side of the road--for example: The vacuum seal will break and it will start leaking oil) . But seriously. At work. Every time.

Okay, let's see...the last couple of things that happened:

Vacuum seal broke on the way to work. Drove home that night, ordered parts, fixed it a few days later.

Clutch cable breaks. At work. Must leave the truck at work until the weekend. Fix the truck in the parking lot of his office.

Oil Pressure gage is whack. Ongoing problem. Finally fix it, but it requires taking the oil pan off the car. Do this at home. Forget to re-torque the vacuum seal. Vacuum Seal sprays oil all over the engine at work. Drive home, re-torque the seal, add more oil.

Glow plugs go kaput. At work. Must leave it there until we can get glow plugs and then replace them.

See a recurring theme? It's almost like the minor things all happen on the way to or from work, and the major things happen at work. Stupid Stupid.


Dani said...

Well the Truck must really like the work's parking lot. That's all.

The Spiteful Chef said...

Just give up and go buy a Honda. Those things are freakin' indestructable. Chris and I each have one, and thus we never have any car maintenance whatsoever, except the occasional oil change, which I usually forget.