Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Steroids

Who CARES if MLB is totally jacked on the roids? Point is, I don't want congress wasting my tax dollars on finding out whether Tejada, A-Rod, the Rocket or any of the other idjits did roids. If congress is REALLY that concerned about who did roids when, then they need to make the athletes themselves pay to have drug tests done before every game and if they've done roids, then they're out. no second chances, no "but I didn't know!", nothing. Own up to it boys. Actually figure out what you're shooting up into your arm. Because really, in this economy, I want my tax dollars to go to something more worthwhile...even if that is paying for sex eduation for koalas in antarctica.


The Spiteful Chef said...

I have bad news. Well, two bad newses (or good newses). 1) I did roids. Congress is looking into it. 2) Willie's daycare is full for the weekend of the marathon, so we're going to have to drive up morning of at 4:30 a.m. and then drive home immediately afterwards. Which is fine, because it means you can have hot monkey sex on Valentines day. But it's not fine in that Chris and I really wanted to see you guys, so I was going to see if maybe when we come up to pick up our packets on Saturday around noon if you two'd want to hit up some lunch? Let me know. I've been wanting to see you for ages, but things keep coming up. And really, things don't come up often in my life, so this seems to be bad luck.

katina said...

haha, sure, lunch sounds good. Where's your packet pickup?

On the plus side, this now means I can stop attempting to clean the house and get it in presentable fashion. :)

The Spiteful Chef said...

Isn't it awesome when people come over and your house is clean? Incidentally, Chris is letting me hire a maid to clean up before our BBQ next Saturday. You and Shawn would be totally welcome, BTW. It'll be mostly culinary students, so the food should be ridonk.

Thanks so much again for being willing to host us. It sucks that we have to drive up in the morning, and it sucks even worse that I bailed (again). I feel terrible. And you got me a basket of food, which makes me feel worse (you're adorable--thank you).

Anyway, I'm still baking you a cake and bringing it. Our packet pickup is at Palmer Events Center. That's the only potential trouble--that I don't know where anything is, and I don't know how far into Austin we'll be allowed to drive on the morning of, nor where to park on that side of town. Any food spots by Palmer that are worth trying? We're happy to drive to you as well.

katina said... places close to Palmer. There's Austin Java and the Shady Grove further down on Barton Springs. Zax and Aussie's are decent. It's been a while since I've eaten at Zen, and Homeslice and Southside Flying Pizza are good for pizza. Flip Happy Crepes is close by, not sure how busy they'll be, but according to their website, they'll be open beginning at 10am.

There's Tacos on Tenth (it's not called that, but it's Tacos...and it's on 10th). Garcia's is also pretty good for Mexican food, as is Torchy's Tacos. There's the Alligator Grill (which I've never eaten at, but it was Tchotsky's in Office Space). And Madam Mam's is good for Thai food. I've heard good things about Connoli Joe's (it's italian buffet I think).

Whew...and that's just the stuff that's downtownish

The Spiteful Chef said...

Email me your # again and I'll call you in the a.m. to coordinate if that's okay. Any restaurant is fine by me, you pick. We will probably be up there by noon and done by 1 with the expo. Does that timing work? Loves!