Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On Healthcare

I figured out a solution to the problem of health care. Get rid of it. All of it. Everyone has to pay for everything out of their own pocket. If the government wants to set up some form of FLEXTRA like account in which they put the amount of money you put in for Medicare and the amount you pay for health care in an interest bearing savings account that you can only use for medical stuffs and when you die, whatever is left over goes back to the feds, that's fine. They can do that. This way you get rid of the middle man who takes a cut of the pie and who still refuses to pay for your chemotherapy treatment because it's a "non-standard treatment for cancer".

The problem with the system now is that people with colds are going to the ER because the ER has to treat you, with or without insurance, while a doctor's office can refuse service if you don't have health care.

Which comes to another solution. Let the doctors (or their offices) set an amount that they're willing to take in cold hard cash right now for services rendered (most doctors have to wait months for the health care system to pay them so having the payment NOW is probably a good thing). That way, if you don't have health care you at least know you can go to the doctor's office. Yeah, sure you have to pay $50 for a visit instead of the $20 the health care junkies pay, but you at least don't have to pay the $300 ER visit fee (or whatever the hell it is).

Yet another option: Low cost health clinics set up specifically for people without insurance and they charge on a sliding scale based on how much you make. And hell, the Feds can pour some money into that if they want (let's go for a socialized setting in which each of us that has healthcare pays $1 extra, and that $1 goes to the low cost health clinic to help keep their costs down). That way, those of us who have insurance can still go to the doctor that only accepts insurance and get an appointment that day.

hmm, but this doesn't cover medications. And lord knows how many medications we're all on. Well, okay the FLEXTRA like account would cover medications. But the low cost clinic wouldn't cover it. Well, the first thing that doctors could stop doing would be to stop prescribing medications to fix the side effects of the other medications we're on...

Meh, let's worry about that problem when we get to it.


The Spiteful Chef said...

I like it. Chris is definitely going to have a fee-for-service clinic when he sets up. They do exist, but it's only usually for yuppy doctors like dermatologists and allergists.

lon said...

Damn Katina! With all of this common sense you keep spewing, you are starting to sound like a real c-word. Conservative or course. Keep it coming!