Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Or, as the movie theater has it listed, Caroline. Which is only funny because the heroine makes such a big deal out of everyone calling her Caroline instead of Coraline.

But anyhoo.

Shawn, Ross and Bond and I went to this movie yesterday. Everyone else there had brought a small human being with them.

And let me just state something.

This movie is not a kid movie. My God. I'm 27 and I was still creeped out by it.

Have you ever played Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst? Yeah, it's kinda like that...with the creepy child ghosts and using your brain to beat the evil forces in the strange and creepy house.

Yep. Like Ravenhearst...only without all the searching for missing items like in Highlights.

But! the movie was a good movie, and I did enjoy it. I don't know if I consider it as good as Nightmare before Christmas...but it was kind like if Alice in Wonderland was retold with a Nightmare before Christmas-esque theme.

Also. Bond and Ross are awesome since they drove up to the north west side of town so I could go pick up my brackets.

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The Spiteful Chef said...

Oh no. That means I'm not going to be able to watch it either. Sad. Chris is going to be so disappointed. Your produce is badass, by the way.