Saturday, August 08, 2009

Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen

I recently joined the Spare Tires at work.

The Spare Tires is a group of people at work who, during the month of May, did a bike to work challenge. They lost by 5 points to one of the other work groups (Team ERM). So the Spare Tires challenged Team ERM to a rematch. The rematch is supposed to be taking place right now. And so, I bring you the list of 5 reasons why our team leader is a rat bastard.

1. He set the challenge for August. In Austin, TX. AUGUST!!!
2. He then decided to take a vacation for the first week of August.
3. He forgot to tell Team ERM about the challenge so we are currently competing against ourselves. Hey, you always get first place when there's only one team competing.
4. He told us the challenge started on Saturday August 1st, so I rode my bike to the grocery store on Sunday the 2nd. Only to find out on Monday that the challenge didn't actually start until August 3rd.
5. And 5, I don't really have a 5...rather, I did earlier when I first made this list last week, but now I forget. And I just checked Greenlight again and found that the team leader for Team ERM set a new challenge, it is supposedly starting on Tuesday...but of course I think our team leader is the one that has to accept it.

Maybe, once this challenge actually gets underway (if it ever does), I'll do something like ride my bike to the local coffee shops and then write about it...of course I'd have to choose something to drink there instead of the coffee because I don't do coffee...I prefer to get my daily dose of caffeine through cola means. In any case, I probably should write to Brad and Jon and get an Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen pin. At least I now kinda qualify.

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Jon said...

Just email me your mailing address, darlin'.