Friday, August 07, 2009

Lack of Blogging Mojo


I have totally had a lack of the blogging mojo. Like totally and completely. Except. Every day something happens in which I go "I should totally blog* about this" but then I don't. For whatever reason.

For example:
On Saturday we went to our niece's birthday party (she's now officially 2 years old...and friggin' cute as hell). On the way home we got stuck in Giddings at 1030 at night because of a train stopped on the tracks, so we went through Serbin to go around the train. We had a total Detroit Rock City moment where Shawn said "A lot of pornos start like this." And my response was "Yeah? So do a lot of horror movies." Alternately I kept thinking of the Axe Murderer Bud Light Commercial. Only instead of the Axe Murderer, I kept thinking of Alice Cooper in that Bridgestone commercial. Scary, I know.

I read a few good articles. There was one about how society is totally going to be 'effed in the coming years because girls are told via pop culture that real guys stalk you and then wait until marriage for sex while boys are told they're supposed to be having lesbian threesomes. (And now the hits too my blog have quadrupled because of the p0rn and lesbeen references). You can read that article here: Vampires Suck

I also read an article about how older people looking for jobs nowdays should really try to keep up with times technology they should be down with the blogz and tweets and what have you. They may also want to put their Linked In profile website on their resumes. Plus use a Gmail account instead of the one that is handed out by the ISP. That article is here: Landing a Job When You're Over 50

We've finished watching the TV show "Dead Like Me" and we may try to find the movie that recently came out.

The girls at work were joking that we were going to do a pregnancy pact like those high school girls, just to get even with all the guys at the office for being mean to us. They apparently all fear pregnant ladies. Odd. The most scared were the guys who most recently had pregnant wives...

I've found this last week or so that just keeping track of what I spend money on is enough to get me to save money. Now that I've come to this conclusion, I'm going to stop blogging about it because I start sucking it up when I blog about finances...that and I cheat on my budget whenever I set one--it's kinda like dieting I guess.

One of my coworkers found this website this morning. It's great fun. Translation Party.

HAHA, after looking at all of the possible tags I've created, I just realized that I totally haven't done any work on any of the pictures from our last vacation. Yeah...totally sucking it up man.

*I still find it funny that Blogger tells me that "blog", "blogger", and "blogging" are all misspelled words.

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lon said...

I grew up believing in the lesbian threesome myth and until now, still had hope. Thanks for shattering my dreams!