Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am so behind the times

I totally did not know that Hugh Heffner has dropped all his old girlfriends like hot potatoes (Kendra, Bridgette, and Holly), and now has himself some younger playthings. Twins and a spare.

And really Kendra and Holly for sure left him. Funny, that.


Ross said...

When I first saw that show, I thought they were his daughters, and I was shocked that he was so inappropriately friendly with them ;)

The Spiteful Chef said...

There's a show about this stuff?

Dani said...

yes Katina WAAAAAAAY behind the times. That happened months ago.
Kendera is actually now married. Silly Tina!

katina said...

Well, yeah, that's what tipped me off--an article on MSN that said she was expecting a boy with her football player husband. And I was like "silly article. Number 1, she's not married to Heffner, and 2, he doesn't play football."