Sunday, August 30, 2009


After I posted the last entry, I noticed that I had only uploaded photos from my dSLR and I had some pretty good photos that needed to be uploaded from the Sony point and shoot.

The first step in any photo endeavor is to delete the crap photos, and then to scale the images to a smaller size for internet viewing. I decided it was going to be easier to scale then delete since most of the photos were good enough for posting (there were maybe about 10 that weren't going to make to to the album).

Because I didn't remember how we batch processed the photos, I thought I was supposed to use the "convert image" option under the file viewer. So that's what I did. And then my computer froze. So I killed it. Which effectively corrupted 30 of my 80 photos. It did not corrupt the 10 photos that were so bad they wouldn't have made it to my online album, because OF COURSE NOT.

Instead I lost some really good photos of my parents, and of Shawn and me (and our vacation photos are sorely lacking any photos of the two of us together), and of Shawn's immediate family at the wedding. Somehow all the photos of extended family at the wedding (except like one or two) managed to not get corrupted.

Still, I'm pissed. There was this really awesome photo that my dad insisted we do at Princeton--there's an Art in Public Places thing where it's basically a large cone, balanced on the point. So I got up on large flat part and then acted like I was balancing the cone. It was a really good photo, and now it's gone. BOO! as well as the good photo of Shawn and me at the wedding. At least there is still some proof of that since I had individually shrunk that photo to put on my mom's Facebook page. Apparently I need to go steal it back. Again, I state: BOO.


The Spiteful Chef said...

Try putting the card in a new computer reader (a friend's or something). Often a new computer will pick up on recently deleted photos, whereas your computer will recognize the files as just recently cleared space.

katina said...

yeah, Shawn tried that. The problem was that I downloaded the files from my memory card to the computer back in July. Deleted the files off of the card. Then went and screwed up the photos on the computer itself. Effectively making it so that the files from vacation are corrupt. and full of empty data.

bond said...

Now I am paranoid about our vacation pics. I was just thinking the other day that it was a bit excessive that we have our Ecuador pics on an external hard drive, a jump drive, and at least one of david's computers (maybe 2). I'm going to download vacation pics today and I guess I will put them in multiple places.

I'm sorry you lost yours. That stinks!!

katina said...

Well, to be fair, it was kinda my own fault--I mean I know I'm not supposed to touch the originals of the pictures. I just forgot about it in a moment of insanity. But it did get Shawn thinking about the fact that all of our photos are just saved on one hard drive.