Monday, September 21, 2009


We saw a commercial for "Big Bang Theory" yesterday (we have not yet watched the season opener).

Scene: Shawn and me in the living room watching Raj, Wolowitz, Sheldon, and Leonard enter the apartment after 3 months in the Arctic. All of them, except Sheldon, have massive ZZ Top beards.

Shawn: Man, every time I see their beards I think they look cooler and cooler. Don't you?


Shawn: What you don't like that look? The rugged mountain man look?

Me: Uh, the homeless look.

Shawn: ::crestfallen:: oh.


The Spiteful Chef said...

He's sad because he has a hobo beard, too. Just tell him they're sexy so he feels like a Real Man.

Dani said...

ohhhh that's so cute. Does Shawn aspire to have a hobo beard as well? Or does that mean he believes he already has hobo beard?