Sunday, September 13, 2009


While watching an old video of Julia Child making bouillabaisse on PBS this afternoon:

"You can add lobster to this dish if you want. The way you would do this would be to chop up a live lobster and put it in the stock pot the same time you add the halibut."

"No one really knows how this dish got its name. 'Bouilla' means 'to boil', and 'baisse' means 'low'. But that doesn't make very much sense. When I was in Marseilles, there was a gentleman who used to say that he thought it was supposed to be 'Bouilla la abaisse'. Which roughly means 'to boil a female priestess'."

Oh those French.


Jon said...

Haw haw!

Dani said...

Very exciting. well when in Marseilles...

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