Thursday, September 17, 2009


So, I'm breaking my self imposed rule about not blogging about stuff at work (other than funny conversations with coworkers)

But, it is only because too good to not share. Let me entertain you:

Scene: My office, I've just walked in. My boss is talking to the other person he supervises in the office across from mine. He thinks I am listening to what they're talking about even though they are clearly not talking to me. He walks into my office:

"Katina. I've got some bad news. Management has been asked to make some more cuts to our division. So, can you please give me a justification as to why you should keep it for your job?"

"What?! I have to give a justification to keep my job?!"

"Oh good God no! I'm talking about that teleworking program you use. ::ha ha ha::: You thought I was talking about your job? :::ha ha ha::: Oh that's funny, Katina.:::ha ha ha:::"

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