Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Flood Pictures

Hey all, here are some flood photos from Saturday (Jan 13):

Here is Lake Creek close to the Walmart, and by the fire station (the flood picture is upstream looking downstream, and the normal picture is from the bridge looking upstream...so in other words, if I took both pictures at the same time, the flood picture would be a picture of me on the bridge taking a picture of my other me by the tree next to the water quality pond. Clear as mud? good):

Here are a few pictures a little closer to my house...this bridge is close to the middle school, and is right next to the swimming pool. The first one is upstream looking downstream (so if you were a ping pong ball, you'd be floating INTO the culverts) and the little culverts are about half full, the second picture is from the bridge looking downstream, (you'd be floating OUT OF the culverts) this creek is normally dry.

And what's this, why I do believe it quite possibly might be SNOW (1-16-07)!


Ross said...

It was certainly snow-like, whatever it was, and there may be more of it tomorrow, which would be awesome! Nice flood pictures!

Dani said...

oh pretty flood pictures... even if their capitions don't make sense (probably becuase I don't talk weather) kind cool through