Monday, January 15, 2007

stupid Vista

Stupid Vista...making it so I can't play my Sims...I like my Sims...especially when I have the day off and nothing to do because it's stupid weather outside...

Never to fear, I just ended up going over to Miss Sarah's house because she also had the day off. I told her of Baby Colison's project that shawn and I made yesterday...she's at least excited, which is good because the flannel I chose for the project is blue and white, which can be construed as "boy" and Mr and Mrs Poochie are probably having a "girl." But I can tell you that John at work would say that the design makes it a "girl" blanket...because male babies are highly susceptible to "turning gay"* if they are surrounded by images/likenesses of rabbits, horses, and sheep...yes, he would probably think that all cowboys are gay.

*This phrase is in quotes because I believe that gay/straight is determined when the baby is created.

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Dani said...

who/what is Vista? I can't believe you still play Sims-- that's devotion man. And only in my dreams are all cowboys gay... good dreams good dreams