Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice day. YAY!!!!

it's so sad...I'm just like a little kid. When the weather starts to turn bad I go "man, I hope I get out of going to work." kinda sad really, but at the same time, I think all of us want an ice-day...just a day to sit around in your pajamas, or house pants, and do nothing. So good.

But unlike snow-days in colorado where half the time the day was decided (no school) but the weather wasn't really bad enough to warrant it, so you got to go out and do stuff...not so much with Austin...when it's an ice day, it's like 25 outside (which, yeah, I know not cold), but the damn roads are a sheet of ice, so you might as well stay inside...oh, and I think we've got what could actually be considered "snow" at the house...not much at all, and really when it first started falling it looked much more like miniature hail than snow flakes, but I think it can be considered actual snow since it wasn't sleet or freezing rain.

On the plus side, the cats haven't been begging to go outside...even they know how cold it is.

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Dani said...

Go Ice Day!! even though I pray for snow days... usually around 8 in the morning I'm like 'this blows!' hope you had fun on your Ice Day(s)!