Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sewing Notions

So it was rainy today....of and on rain all day long. fun. I'm not on call (YES!!!) but I am beginning on it better stop raining by then dammit!

Anyhow, I went out to get flannel prints to make a project for Baby Colison. This is what I learned:
1. When it rains lots, Lake Creek is more like a raging river. I took pictures.
2. Lowe's does not sell "grow-lights" for plants...well, they might, but I wasn't sure, plus I think I'll just take the basil to work so it gets more light and hopefully won't die.
3. The men at the fire department probably think I'm crazy. I pulled in to the department so I could take a picture of the creek, but then decided that I shouldn't park next to the "safe drop-off for unwanted babies" door, so I drove across the street to Walmart and walked along the aforementioned "creek" to get a picture of the water going under the road.
4. Hancock Fabrics does not have a good selection of fabric, but their Fleece is 40% off right now, and they have tons of "fur" fabrics good for stuffed animals. They also have a good selection of anything velcro.
5. Joanne Fabrics is moving. Most of the store is on sale, except for appliques and "books made of fabric" kits. They have a great selection of fabrics, but no good "furs". Their gender-neutral baby fabrics are blah.
6. Walmart is closing down their fabric section of their stores...It is also the place that I found the fabric I wanted...and they only had like 6 flannel opposed to the 68 I found at Joanne's.
7. Petsmart has great deals on Christmas themed dog and cat toys--I paid $1.50 for each dog toy and $1.60 for the plastic stocking filled with cat toys.
8. Don't walk from the far end of the parking lot to Old Navy when it's'll get soaked.
9. Old Navy's clearance stuff was blah...thus it was pointless to have walked from the far end of the parking lot in the rain...damn.
and finally
10. The cat doesn't know if he wants in or out...he just wants you to stand there holding the door open for him so he can sniff the air and contemplate if he wants to go outside when it's that cold and wet. And don't try to force him out the's like trying to get a cat into a sink full of water.


Dani said...

and we both know how difficult it is to get a cat in a sink full of water! silly kitten-- maybe if he smells the air enough it will change the weather. and you're a dork-- taken picture of bridges and water.... granted I want to see the pictures... does that make me a dork too?

Ross said...

I think I've gotten a 20W fluorescent grow light at Wal-mart, though it could well have been the Home Despot...I use it to keep the tropical plants going during the wintertime myself. Work might be a better choice in the long run, though...